A lifetime of healthy smiles starts with consistent exams and cleanings at our practice

At Let’s Smile Dental, we are committed to partnering with and supporting our patients in their lifelong oral health journey. Led by Dr. Imran Ahmed and associates, our team in New York, New York, offers a range of preventive and general dentistry services designed to protect the teeth, gums, and related tissues and oral structures. Exams and cleanings are fundamental to preventive dentistry.

What to expect from routine dental appointments

The “standard” dental checkup is scheduled once every six months. During the checkup, one of our dentists will examine your mouth to evaluate the state of your teeth and gum tissue. We also check that the jaw joints, muscles, and tissues are functioning well. Problems with the TM joints, for instance, can give rise to chronic pain and jaw stiffness. Additionally, screenings are regularly conducted to pinpoint abnormalities such as pre-cancers and cancerous growths.

No checkup would be complete with a professional dental cleaning, known as “prophylaxis” or just “prophy.” Our hygienists use special instruments and a high degree of skill to remove surface stains, harmful bacteria, and stubborn plaque (tartar) gently and thoroughly from the teeth and gum line. Teeth are also polished to restore their brilliant luster. Our patients love how fresh their mouths feel after a good cleaning!

During your visit, our team is happy to demonstrate techniques that help you better clean your teeth, gums, and other areas that may be overlooked (such as the tongue and palate). We also provide recommendations for oral care products that you can trust and that are safe and effective. Preventive services, such as dental sealants and nightguards, may be recommended and applied or designed during routine appointments. We may also assess the condition of sealants, oral appliances, and existing dental work. Dental sealants may need to be reapplied, and mouthguards may no longer fit as well as they should. Likewise, worn fillings or other restorations should be replaced.

Highly personalized care

If we find that your gums are inflamed and active disease is present, we will work with you to promptly resolve the condition and restore gingival health. Scaling and root planing (SRP) is a “deep cleaning” alternative to standard prophy. It involves cleaning underneath the gum line and smoothing the root surfaces of the teeth, which attract bacteria. Patients with more extensive gum disease can benefit from other periodontal treatments. During your exams, we measure the spaces between the teeth and gums. These “periodontal pockets” indicate the stage or extent of gum disease that may be present. The deeper the pocket, the more advanced the disease. Earlier-stage inflammation can be resolved with SRP, and the effects from early disease (gingivitis) can even be reversed. But, if allowed to progress, bone loss can arise that threatens the tooth. When bone is lost, it is lost for good. Modern dentistry does, however, have regenerative procedures to rebuild both soft and hard tissues.

There is no single “secret” to a healthy, beautiful smile. The products, services, and care that are recommended vary considerably from person to person. We account for all of the factors, from home care to diet, when determining the best options for you. Schedule your appointment today. Please call us at (212) 831-8940.