No more embarrassing gaps! Dental bridges replace missing teeth safely and affordably

Like an architectural bridge that spans two points, at Let’s Smile Dental, we can replace missing teeth with fixed dental bridges that span a gap between two points. Our New York, New York, based dental team is privileged to provide insights into how this time-tested form of tooth replacement works. 

Dental bridge design

Let’s say that you are missing one tooth. We can replace that tooth by using a dental bridge. The replacement tooth itself is called a “pontic.” The standard dental bridge design involves creating the pontic and fusing it to two crowns. The crowns will be fitted on top of the neighboring teeth. These neighbors are called “abutments.” They serve as anchors to hold the pontic in place. 

Crowning the abutment teeth can better support the pontic over the long term. And bridges can last for many years as long as patients take care of their teeth as directed by our team and maintain exams and professional cleanings at our practice. 

Once the crowns are cemented to the abutments, the pontic in the middle “fill in” or bridges the gap between the anchor teeth. Since the pontic is connected to crowns secured to the natural tooth structure, the dental bridge is considered a “fixed” form of tooth replacement. The tooth isn’t going anywhere!

The process

All treatments at our practice start with an exam and consultation with the patient. If we conclude that a fixed conventional dental bridge is the best option for you, the procedure involves preparing both the bridge and the natural teeth. The abutments are reduced in size. So, the crowns fit well over them. Impressions or models of the teeth to be treated are taken and used as guides to create the bridge. Once the permanent bridge is completed, it will be fixed in place. Then, it’s time to smile! 

The only real difference between cleaning a bridge and unaltered natural teeth involves paying particular attention to cleaning underneath the bridge. We can show how to use special products such as floss threaders and interdental brushes to keep decay-producing bacteria and plaque away.

Let’s get you smiling again today! Call (212) 831-8940 to schedule your appointment. We are also happy to discuss options such as implant-supported bridges. As their name suggests, these replacement teeth are supported not by anchor teeth but by implants placed in the jaw. Implants are designed to function like tooth roots to hold teeth in place. While traditional bridges may cost less upfront, some patients appreciate the long-term benefits of implant-retained bridges.