The power of “full mouth rehabilitation,” 4-plus dental treatments to transform your smile… and much more!

“Rehabilitation,” by definition, refers to therapies that are designed to improve physical function. Full mouth rehabilitation also has significant cosmetic or aesthetic implications in dental circles, outside of the obvious rehabilitative functional benefit.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the treatments recommended to rehab the smile can have a transformative effect on every aspect of your life. Led by our dentist, Dr. Imran Ahmed, at Let’s Smile Dental in New York City, we see every day how a complete smile, full of healthy teeth, renew patients’ self-confidence. Patients regain the enjoyment they formerly got from meals because they can eat their favorite foods comfortably. Their diets are no longer limited due to aching or rotted teeth; a diverse diet supports proper nutrition and promotes overall health and well-being.

We’ve featured a sampling of the many unique ways that our dentists achieve these dramatic transformations:

  • Dental restorations that “reconstruct” a portion of a broken or otherwise severely damaged tooth – Dental fillings may be recommended to repair teeth with holes or cavities in the tooth structure. This option literally “fills in” the cavity. In turn, the structural integrity of the tooth is supported. Patients with large cavities or fractures may be better candidates for dental crowns. The crown is fashioned from tooth-like materials that fit precisely over “prepared” natural tooth structure. For severe decay or deep inflammation that affects the innermost portions of the tooth, crowns often follow nonsurgical root canal therapy.
  • Restorative treatment to replace an entire tooth (or teeth) – Traditionally, teeth that cannot be preserved with nonsurgical root canal procedures or surgical endodontic treatments to resolve infections at the center (pulp) tissue have been replaced with dental bridges and partial and complete dentures. Bridges are supported by crowned neighboring teeth that anchor or stabilize the replacement tooth. Partial dentures are held in place with unique clasps, and these attachments connect to existing healthy teeth. Complete dentures rely on proper fit for their support. Natural suction essentially stabilizes the upper denture, while the lower denture may benefit from dental products recommended by Dr. Ahmed, for instance, denture adhesives.
  • Replacement teeth that are supported by dental implants – At Let’s Smile Dental, we are privileged to offer implant-retained crowns, bridges, and dentures. Implants function like artificial tooth roots. They are precisely positioned in the jawbone. The implant made from a biocompatible material joins the surrounding bone. In turn, each implant becomes a part of the jaw. Crowns, bridges, and dentures are connected to implants. So, the implant literally “roots” the new teeth in the jaw for ultimate stability and natural, healthy function.
  • Periodontal therapies – The surrounding gums protect and support your teeth. We regularly evaluate the state of these critical supportive tissues. Earlier-stage inflammation can be addressed with improvements or changes to oral hygiene or with a type of “deep cleaning” called scaling and root planing. Later-stage gum disease may be resolved with regenerative therapies to build up tissues lost due to periodontitis (advanced gum disease). Additionally, gums can be contoured or reshaped. Tissue at the gum line may even be removed. The latter options correct smiles that are either “long in the tooth” or “gummy.” Moreover, as rehabilitative therapy, our techniques restore the healthy attachment between the gums and the teeth.

Most oral conditions are progressive. Without treatment, the requirements become worse. Do not “sit” on concerns. We encourage you to contact Let’s Smile Dental promptly. Yes, we can get you back to smiling again in no time. Call us at (212) 831-8940 to schedule your appointment.