Rebuild your confidence and smile with pleasing and safe tooth-colored fillings

To get our patients smiling again, we account for all the different factors that add to patient satisfaction and an exceptional experience at the Let’s Smile Dental office in New York, New York. These factors include convenient, gentle treatment, resolves pain and other symptoms, sustains health and function and is a good investment. Notably, we are also committed to rebuilding tooth structures to be pleasing to the eye and look natural. Some of our offerings are primarily cosmetically driven (porcelain veneers). Other services are restorative with aesthetics as a nice “side effect.” Tooth-colored fillings fall under the latter category

Restore the health and attractiveness of your tooth

Our dentists value the relationships that are built with patients. Many conditions, including dental decay, can be avoided with routine exams and cleanings at our practice. During these appointments, we can also detect problems early in the process. Treating early-stage decay or disease sustains maximum natural tissues. 

If we detect the presence of a type of tooth decay known as a cavity, fillings are the standard recommended treatment to repair this hole in the tooth. Teeth structure can erode due to the acidic combination of harmful bacteria and starches and sugars in foods and drinks. We quite literally “fill in” the damaged tooth structure or cavity with fillings. Dentists use many different materials to replace portions of the tooth that are lost. Our dentists are happy to discuss your options.

Often, patients gravitate toward “white” fillings. These fillings are generally designed from a composite resin plastic material. They are color-matched to blend in with the tooth structure that surrounds them, as well as their natural neighbors. Since they are made from non-metal materials, composite fillings are even appropriate for patients with sensitivities to metals. Non-metals are more conservative than metals or amalgam fillings, as less natural structures must be drilled away to accommodate them. Patients also appreciate that they support lasting healthy function and beauty and, with proper hygiene, look and feel as great as the day they were placed for many years to come.

Call Let’s Smile Dental at (212) 831-8940 to schedule your appointment. Our professional team of dentists will examine your mouth and determine if fillings or alternatives such as inlays, onlays, and crowns are well-suited to get you smiling confidently again.